Possible PlayStation 4 Announcement – February 20

There has been a lot of anticipation within the gaming community as to what Sony is going to announce for their next-gen console.  Well, if the video posted on the official PlayStation blog is any indicator, the wait for an announcement may soon be over.

The video only contains teaser elements and no solid proof that it’s a PlayStation 4 announcement but it could be possible.  The Sony event will take place in New York City at 6pm EST on (you guessed it) February 20.

Source: Kotaku


3 thoughts on “Possible PlayStation 4 Announcement – February 20

  1. It would be pretty exciting if it turns out that’s the case. Although, in a way we have only recently been getting games that are designed for the power that the PS3 has now. Hopefully, if they roll out a PS4 we won’t have to wait for games up to its speed like we did on this console.

    • I agree. The life cycle of the consoles we have now has definitely been a slow one. The early games clearly weren’t optimized for the capabilities of the hardware. However, I do believe we need a new generation within the next year or so; budget to midrange computers are magnitudes more powerful than the 360 or PS3 now.
      Developers are starting to be limited as to what they can accomplish on the current consoles.

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