Official: G4TV To Be Rebranded

There were rumors flying around back in December that G4 might be getting rebranded.  Today, those rumors became official fact.  The cancellation of G4’s beloved shows X-Play and Attack of the Show should have been (was?) a major warning sign to most fans of the channel.

Starting April 22, G4 will forever be rebranded as Esquire Network.  To top it off, in the official press release, NBCUniversal claims they ” will deliver a multi-platform experience to this upscale, engaged, passionate audience, one that widens the aperture beyond G4’s technology and gaming base” and also goes on to say “Esquire Network will expand on G4’s foundation of games, gear and gadgets to reflect the broad range of interests, passions and aspirations that define men today.”

It’s all well and good to say in a press release that you don’t plan on alienating the already existing viewer base, but when you cancel the most popular shows as a preemptive strike, that sends up a red flag.

The only shows they have announced as being a part of the new network are a cooking show and travel show.  That doesn’t sound very videogame oriented to me! Does it to you?

I try to keep an open mind about things though.  I’ll give them a chance (even though they cancelled X-Play and ATOS before even rebranding!).  Only the future will tell; maybe they’ll have quality programming that still appeals to gamers like G4 did.

Source: IGN


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