Nintendo Direct Tomorrow at 9AM

For all of you diehard Nintendo fans out there, Nintendo will be having a Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow at 9am EST.  The Nintendo of America presentation will focus on upcoming 3DS and Wii U games, according to the Nintendo Direct splash page.

Hopefully, we’ll get some more juicy information on the new Zelda and Mario games!  Also, with Nintendo holding a presentation tomorrow (2/14) and Sony holding one on 2/20, I wouldn’t be slightly surprised if Microsoft jumped on the presentation bandwagon and made a presentation offering of their own.

Link for Nintendo Direct.


New Stargate SG-1 Game In The Works!

Stargate SG-1: Unleashed is a new episodic game being released on the iOS App Store on March 7.  They say that an Android release will occur a month later.

Sally Malcolm is taking care of the story aspects of the game; she wrote the tie-in novels SG-1: A Matter of Honor, The Cost of Honor, and Atlantis Rising.  The original cast members have even signed on to do voice overs for the game.

Just like Blastr stated, hopefully it’s an episodic game more akin to Telltale’s The Walking Dead and not just an interactive CGI movie of sorts.

Definitely looking forward to this release!  How about everyone else?  I know there must be some Stargate fans out there!

Obsidian Entertainment Pitching New Star Wars Game

Obsidian Entertainment is the developer behind games such as Knight of the Old Republic 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Neverwinter Nights 2 and the upcoming South Park: the Stick of Truth.

The studio has recently pitched another Star Wars RPG game to Disney/LucasArts.  The game they pitched is to be set between Episode III and Episode IV.  They stated that they went with that time period because they “think that timeframe is super interesting.  It’s the fall of the Republic, the extermination of the Jedi, it’s Obi-Wan going off and making sure Luke is OK.”

I don’t know about you, but I would love a Star Wars RPG set in the between period of the first two trilogies!  They seem worried that EA’s lack of success with The Old Republic will hinder their chances, but LucasArts seems interested in the pitch.  They have yet to talk to the big wigs at Disney, but are eagerly awaiting the chance.

For more information, please visit Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the original article.

Ultimate Game Collection Being Auctioned Off By Italian Collector

There is a MASSIVE video game collection that went up for auction recently on eBay.  “Massive” can’t even begin to paint a picture of how much stuff is in the collection.  The seller states that they had been collecting for about thirty years and came to the conclusion that they no longer have the space or time to continue such a collection.

To quote the seller of this amazing collection:  “This collection is the story of the videogames from A to Z, from the game & watch and old pong systems to the actual generation of PS3 and XBOX360.”  This is definitely one of the most definitive collections I have ever seen (and will probably ever see).

They estimate that there are over 6850 games, 330 consoles and handhelds, 220 controllers, 185 various accessories,  and numerous collectibles and promotional items related to different games such as limited editions items like Kratos’ Twin Blades!

There are a ridiculous amount of images for the collection on their Imageshack page.  There were about 10,000 pictures taken but roughly 500 were used for the auction.  Judging by both the seller’s description and the numerous pictures, a majority of the collection is still in the original boxes as well!

They posted a link to their Dropbox account for a full listing of the video games in the collection, but the account has been disabled at the time of this post due to overwhelming traffic.

Here are a few of the more all-encompassing pictures from the collection:

The items in those pictures are but a portion of the entire collection, by the way!  Needless to say, if I had enough money sitting in my bank I would be very tempted to purchase it.  Oh, and if you’re wondering, the price tag is only a mere $550,000 USD and the auction ends on February 15.  Yes, that’s four zeros after the fifty-five; yes, it’s real.

If your rarity hunting senses are tingling, tell them to stop!  The seller has already declared that they are unwilling to sell separate pieces and will only sell it as a whole.

I would be really interested to see if an enterprising individual takes the time and effort to appraise the entire collection before the auction ends.  It will be interesting to see what happens at the very least!

Feel free to leave your comments, questions and/or thoughts below!

Next-Gen Xbox (Durango) to Require Internet Connection, No Used Game Functionality

A source held by EDGE Magazine has confirmed that the next-gen Xbox’s rumored specs are accurate.  These specs include “an AMD eight-core x64 1.6 GHz CPU, a D3D11.x 800MHz graphics solution and 8GB of DDR3 RAM.”  The hard drive capacity is unknown for now, but it’s speculated that “Microsoft’s extended commitment to online delivery suggests that it will be the largest unit it has put inside a console to date.”

EDGE is claiming that their inside source is saying that the next-gen Xbox games will be on 50GB Blu-ray discs; it’s also believed that these discs will ship with a one-use activation code that will have no use past the first redemption.  What would this mean for the average consumer?  No more used games would be functional on such a console!

We have already begun to see a similar model when it comes to the online component of console games.  Quite a few big budget games are packaged with an online multiplayer activation code these days.

Development sources have told EDGE that Sony’s console unit architecture is more preferable.  Apparently, development studios working with the next-gen Xbox are being forced to work with a more oppressive operating system compared to Sony.  If Sony doesn’t follow suit with game activation codes, they are going to have numerous advantages going in to the next-gen market.

Hopefully, the one-use activation codes are just speculation and never come to fruition.  Something like that would be devastating to stores like GameStop and services such as Gamefly (both of which rely heavily on the used game market.)

EDIT:  Forbes has reported that, because of the article published by EDGE, GameStop shares took a 6.8% dive at a loss of $1.81 per share.  They also stated that used game sales account for 28% of GameStop’s overall sales and 48% of their gross profits.

For more information, please visit the good guys over at Kotaku and EDGE!

King’s Landing from Game of Thrones Recreated in Minecraft

The original article I found this on is already a few days old but it was so awesome I had to share it anyways.  If you’re familiar with Minecraft, you know that it can give you the capability to build anything your imagination can conjure.  The guys over at Westeroscraft outdid themselves with a full recreation of King’s Landing, complete with fully decorated building interiors!

I have few words that can articulate this amazing accomplishment so here are the screenshots:



Also, be sure to visit the creators’ website here for more Game of Thrones/Minecraft goodness!

Valve Sued Over Steam’s Refusal to Allow User Resale of Games

Straight out of Germany, the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (VZBV) is suing Valve due to the fact that it doesn’t allow its users to resell their digital games.  VZBV had filed a complaint with Valve that went ignored for months which led to the legal action.

The group tried to file a legal complaint in 2010 regarding the inability to transfer user accounts on Steam, but that complaint failed.  The new case may have a better, albeit slight, chance due to a case in the European Supreme Court last year.  The Court ruled in favor of the used game front and declared that the customer/consumer must be able to resell any software purchased, regardless of what the Terms of Service states.

In my personal opinion, I think that if you purchase a game, regardless of how or where, you should be able to do with it as you please.  It’s ridiculous for a developer or company such as Valve to be able to say “No, even though you paid full price, the game is still ours!”  I understand why there is a need for DRM but it’s getting a little out of hand.  The people the DRM is supposed to hurt are being largely unaffected; it’s the legitimate consumer that is being hindered and inconvenienced.

Source article: Destructoid