PlayStation 4 to Stream PS3 Games

The rumor/announcement comes from sources of the Wall Street Journal “familiar” with the plans of Sony regarding the PlayStation 4.  The report claims that the streaming of current PS3 games will coexist with games on optical media sold through traditional means.

This rumor seems plausible since Sony acquired the streaming company Gaikai last year for the tidy sum of $380 million.

It’s expected that Sony will officially make an announcement on the subject during their event on the 20th.

Source: WSJ via Joystiq


Nintendo Direct Tomorrow at 9AM

For all of you diehard Nintendo fans out there, Nintendo will be having a Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow at 9am EST.  The Nintendo of America presentation will focus on upcoming 3DS and Wii U games, according to the Nintendo Direct splash page.

Hopefully, we’ll get some more juicy information on the new Zelda and Mario games!  Also, with Nintendo holding a presentation tomorrow (2/14) and Sony holding one on 2/20, I wouldn’t be slightly surprised if Microsoft jumped on the presentation bandwagon and made a presentation offering of their own.

Link for Nintendo Direct.

Possible PlayStation 4 Announcement – February 20

There has been a lot of anticipation within the gaming community as to what Sony is going to announce for their next-gen console.  Well, if the video posted on the official PlayStation blog is any indicator, the wait for an announcement may soon be over.

The video only contains teaser elements and no solid proof that it’s a PlayStation 4 announcement but it could be possible.  The Sony event will take place in New York City at 6pm EST on (you guessed it) February 20.

Source: Kotaku