As the original poster noted, “the internet is a weird and wonderful place.” That statement proves to be true in the videos that are shown. I never knew Hagrid liked the children THAT much.

Thatthereengland - does Japan

The Internet is a weird and wonderful place, isn’t it? However, it’s also a gigantic net that catches bots and bobs of your past life that you sometimes wished it didn’t. I think that would definitely be the case for some of the former law students at Melbourne University.

The students have an annual tradition called the Melbourne Uni Law Revue. And like most revues, it features some…let’s just call it…nah, let’s say it as it is: in 2007 the review featured three overdubbed videos that I personnally find really funny, but also leaves me hoping that some of the students that made it were preparing to get clients off for slander and others were headed straight for a job in copyright law.

They’re a slightly different take on the relationship between Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley and ‘lovable’ Hagrid. Just watch the first video, and the ‘…

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