Grand Theft Auto Release Date!

Rockstar Games finally announced a release date for the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V!  They have pushed back the release from spring but at least we now have a solid date to look forward to.  Get your calendars ready!  GTA5 will finally come out on September 17 and I can’t wait!

Source: Kotaku


86-Year-Old Woman a True Gamer

There was an article and video posted on BBC News yesterday about Hilda Knott, an 86-year-old woman who still plays video games.  She has been playing video games for forty years and says she enjoys “finding something new in the game, getting on to the next stage, or the next event.”  Hilda also said that the games have definitely helped to keep her mentally active due to the fact that there’s a lot more going on than “adventures and fighting, there are [also] puzzles working out how to do something, when to do it.”

I think it’s amazing that she’s playing games like Grand Theft Auto and Disgaea at 86.  I hope I’ll still be able to hunker down with some great video games 50-60 years from now.  Then again, in fifty years, we probably won’t even have to hold a controller, judging by the way consoles are being made and upgraded.  In fifty years, I’ll probably be able to just control it with my mind;  on second thought, maybe that’s not a good thing if you know what I mean!

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