Valve Sued Over Steam’s Refusal to Allow User Resale of Games

Straight out of Germany, the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (VZBV) is suing Valve due to the fact that it doesn’t allow its users to resell their digital games.  VZBV had filed a complaint with Valve that went ignored for months which led to the legal action.

The group tried to file a legal complaint in 2010 regarding the inability to transfer user accounts on Steam, but that complaint failed.  The new case may have a better, albeit slight, chance due to a case in the European Supreme Court last year.  The Court ruled in favor of the used game front and declared that the customer/consumer must be able to resell any software purchased, regardless of what the Terms of Service states.

In my personal opinion, I think that if you purchase a game, regardless of how or where, you should be able to do with it as you please.  It’s ridiculous for a developer or company such as Valve to be able to say “No, even though you paid full price, the game is still ours!”  I understand why there is a need for DRM but it’s getting a little out of hand.  The people the DRM is supposed to hurt are being largely unaffected; it’s the legitimate consumer that is being hindered and inconvenienced.

Source article: Destructoid