Intel Developing Perceptual Computing Technology

Hot on the heels of innovations such as Google Glass, Intel is hard at work on a new Perceptual Computing initiative.  They have an entire division devoted to this project and it seems their aim is to pave the way for future technology.  Not many details are known about what this could mean for the future but it makes me giddy all the same.  Could you imagine wearing and controlling a computer in a realistic 3D space?  Awesome!

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New 84″ Touchscreen Table from 3M! Amazing!

3M has developed and released (which will be ready for shipping at the end of the year) a new touchscreen table at a whopping 84 inches!  Yes folks, you read that right.  An 84 inch touchscreen with the capability to register 40 finger touches. The possibilities for such technology are limitless.  Board room meetings, high class school lectures, a fancy gaming platform even; the sky’s the limit.

They are hoping to develop a table that can support up to 100 touches.  Sadly, there’s no information on price, but I bet it’s not going to be cheap!

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